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About us

BluWin Ltd is a strong advocate for reducing Climate Impact.

Sustainable Textile Solutions (STS), a member of BluWin Ltd, boasts an international team of experts partnering with brands, production units, industry organisations and NGOs to bring circularity and environmental strategies alive.

We apply industry approved and accepted standards and tools and offer expertise which builds capability to rethink and innovate.

Our Management Team

Omar Orrego, General Manager

A visionary leader with more than 45 years’ experience in the textile and chemical industry.

Based in Porto, he leads an interdisciplinary team of chemical engineers, dyers, textile & leather engineers, psychologists, environmental scientists and data analyst, to derive innovative ideas and translate them to robust solutions.

Dr. Siva Pariti, Senior Technical Marketing Officer

Dr. Siva Pariti holds a Ph.D. (Tech) in Intermediates and Dyestuffs Technology from UDCT in Mumbai, India.

Based in Mumbai, Dr. Siva is a Chartered Colourist (C.Col. A.S.D.C.) and was awarded the Silver Medal Society of Dyers and Colourists. He is responsible for research, innovation and to set the grounds for continuous learning.

Tamara Wulf, Senior Project Officer

Tamara Wulf brings over 15 years of experience from sporting goods, fast fashion and consultancy industry, dedicated to sustainability topic.

Located close to Berlin, Tamara is the architect of new projects and collaborations. She is responsible for project management and has an undisputed positive track record in successful implementations of meaningful tools in the industry.

Helga Carvalho, Global Business Operations Manager

A textile industry veteran with over two decades of global experiences working in textile production.

Based in Porto, Helga's role is to keep the heart of our business beating. She manages our regional expert teams globally. It is her vast technical knowledge paired with passion and a sense for emerging trends which enable her to drive the team to turn inputs to outputs in an effective and efficient manner.

José Santos, Manager Global Controlling and Business Analyst

José Santos holds a Master Degree in Information Science.

Based in Porto, he connects the dots by overseeing the business and financial operations globally. His ability to translate business needs into IT solutions and data into meaningful insights, make him a core member to our team.